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SPRING  2020

Exploring meditation:

A well-being boost

6 week exploration of meditative forms designed to reduce physical stress and boost well-being.

We introduce you to a number of meditative practices to help you discover what works best for you.

Featuring meditative approaches including progressive muscular relaxation and guided imagery, as well as the use of affirmations, somatic work and mindfulness.

At: The Counselling Centre Maynooth

Fridays: From 10.30 – 11.45am

Duration: 75 mins


Joanne Kavanagh, MAICP, MPTIrl

Caroline Pedley, MIACP

Dermot Coonan, Reg. Psychol. PSI

Group size : ( Up to 8 people)


€20 per session or €100 in advance

Reduced rate available for OAP, Unemployed, Student

For more details contact Dermot 087 6565687


Contact Dermot 085 812 5858

Meditation towards Well-being

Life today can be frantic. It is like we all live in a noisy metropolis where we are expected to multitask through so many demands, racing from home life to work obligations to social contacts and back again. Crammed with expectations of ourselves and the needs of people around us, on the same trains of thought, going along the same tracks, everyday.

Our routine journeys, routine relationship patterns, routine thought patterns become more and more fixed like train tracks.

We forget that there was ever any other ways to travel, any other ways of doing things. When we are in the thick of it, how can we see past it? How can we imagine life being any other way? It is as if our routine train tracks were a part of nature rather than made by us.

Meditation offers other perspectives..

It can be a helicopter that can lift you up out of the rush of everyday life, to allow perspective. It allows you to contemplate, to take it all in, how life is and how it might be.

Meditation can be a walk through alternative routes for everyday life, a chance to slow down and see new opportunities. Meditation takes many forms, allowing us to find new perspective on our experiences.

Whether you are a beginner or have a daily meditative routine, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to explore new perspectives on modern therapeutic approaches as well as many age-old meditative practices.

I’ve found meditation and contemplation very useful over the past 15 years of my work as a counselling psychologist and would like to share my experience with more people. I will be running small groups on meditation, you are very welcome to join me, I can’t promise helicopter rides but I’m sure it will be an interesting adventure!

Dermot Coonan, Counselling Psychologist

Counselling Centre Maynooth 085 812 5858



Mixed media painting and collage, celebrating what is wonderful about you.

Honouring the very best qualities in you, or those qualities you would like to embrace, celebrating what/who is special in your life.

A totally relaxing and affirming morning and a unique piece of art to bring home at the end of the session. Come join Artist Aisling Kiernan and allow yourself the gift of expressing through the medium of art.

 The Counselling Centre Maynooth, Glenroyal Shopping Centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Cost of €45 includes all materials and homemade cake!

To avoid disappointment, book early as places are very limited.

Phone Aisling on 087 9287692 for more information.

Further details/photos on Aisling Kiernan Art/


Living The Life You Were Born To Live. 

Imagine how it would feel to get up in the morning and feel very excited about how you are going to spend the day. Many of us experience this when on holidays. But this is how we should be feeling for most of the time.  We have put together an experiential workshop to help you live the life your were born to live, every day.  Unlock your dreams, find your path, follow your passion...........RAPID LIFE CHANGE THERAPY

Unlocking Your Creative Self Through Art Therapy.

Inside each and every one of us is a passionate creative person that we may or may not know well.  Reawaken this amazing part of yourself through the medium of art. This is not about being good at art but using art to help to awaken the inner Goddess/God.

Parenting And Teens - The Minefield Of Parenting Teenagers. 

User friendly tools and techniques to stay on top of issues particular to teenagers.

- Effective Communication

- What are the goals of teen   misbehaviour

-The dangers teenagers face and best   practice regarding safety

-The Internet and social media.

-Things to watch out for

-Common problems teens face.

We also run programmes for groups and can tailor this to any particular group of parents.



Suicidal Ideation And Self Harm - A Guide For Parents.

Here at the counselling centre, this is one of the most sought after programmes as so many children either know of someone who is or was suicidal. 

Self Harm is now in every school and nearly every child over the age of 10 knows what this is.  Parents are the guardians, the gatekeepers. 

Knowledge is power. There is a right and a wrong response to self harm and suicidal ideation. We have been working for many years with young people and their families experiencing crisis or coming through the loss of a friend or family member through tragic circumstances. Whats included:-

-Signs to watch out for

-How to mind your child in the  aftermath of a tragedy

-What to do if your child is in crisis

-How to respond to self harm

-Boundaries and confidentiality

-Internet safety

-Containment and exposure