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                                               RAPID LIFE CHANGE THERAPY

We are not taking new clients for Rapid Life Change Therapy at this time. We are working to clear our wait list. 11/02/2020

What is the Rapid Life Change Model of Therapy?

  • The Rapid Life Change Therapy model  is a multidimensional approach to working with any issue that is causing a problem.
  • The model incorporates a Mind, Body, Healing Energy approach to wellness.
  • By targeting and changing root causes, you changes its path which promotes healing.
  • Our philosophy is simple, by working with thoughts, feelings and learned responses; you can reframe any behavior that is malfunctioning.
  • This therapy is fast track, designed to improve the quality of your lives.
  • Rapid Life Change Therapy works effectively with any existing treatment programme and is an aid to the medical model.
  • Our approach to wellness incorporates evidence based therapies. We include solution focused mindfulness meditations, reversion therapy and reframing, energy restoration and regeneration healing. This multi-disciplinary approach to wellness tackles issues at every level.
  • By focusing and identifying root causes or originating event with mindfulness meditation you gain direct access to the power of the mind, to remove and reframe your unique story.
  • Learn how to direct energy healing using energy restoration techniques and regeneration healing through your thoughts and own energy source.
  • Individually these therapeutic modalities are proven therapeutic methods.
  • Used together – Rapid Life Change Therapy tackles and changes issues at every level.

  • Programmes we have developed using Rapid Life Change Therapy

Addiction - Weight Loss - Pain Management - Cancer - Finding your Life Purpose - Social Anxiety - Stress Management - Body Image Issues - Eating Disorders - Fertility - Sleep Issues.


  1. Release of personal story. 
  2. What is it we are here to work on? The healing journey begins.

  1. Building up the person.
  2. preparing the path for strengthening foundations.

  1. Identifying root causes. 
  2. Changing the effect of the originating cause or event. Reversion Therapy and Regeneration Healing.

  1. Healing root causes. 
  2. Focusing on process and energy restoration.

  1. Reframing effects on the emotional & physical responses. 
  2. Coming to forgiveness & acceptance through the release of shame, guilt, loss anger or trauma that is stored in the body.

  1. Realignment and healing. 
  2. Taking this forward – A new way of living.