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Maria Hartnett
BA Hons. Psychotherapy & Counselling

Maria holds a BA Honours in Psychotherapy and Counselling and is accredited with the IACP. She has been working as a psychotherapist for ten years. Maria has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults in relation to self harm, suicide, depression, anxiety, grief, abuse, low self esteem etc.

Fundamental to Maria’s aims and approaches in counselling is to create a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental listening space where clients can unburden themselves and work through loss, grief and set-backs in life. She helps clients find contentment and peace of mind by encouraging them to develop a non-judgemental, healthy and loving relationship with themselves.

One type of therapy Maria uses is sensorimotor psychotherapy, which is body based talk therapy. This therapy transforms traumatic memories into strengths and resources for the client. It works with developmental trauma such as maternal lack of atunement as well as acute trauma like sexual abuse, violence or verbal abuse.

Maria has completed level 1 and level 2 trauma training.