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         BSc Counselling & Psychotherapy (M.I.A.C.P.) Supervisor (M.I.A.C.P) Cert. Children & Loss (Irish Hospice)  Cert. Couples Counselling.  Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Derville Daly is a Psychotherapist living and practicing in North Kildare. She previously worked in a crisis centre for people presenting with suicidal ideation/self harm. Derville has extensive experience in working with self-harm and suicidal ideation. She has developed programmes for schools and colleges addressing self-harm. Derville also teaches Mirror Therapy to therapists which is a valuable tool when working with eating and body image disorders. Derville worked for many years in a youth organisation in the community, counselling young people and their families. In recent times Derville has run groups for couples aimed at improving communication which were well received.
Derville currently works with individuals, couples and families. Derville has trained in many modalities and has been practicing out of Maynooth since 2009.


For the last number of years Derville has been involved in developing and launching a new model of therapy called Rapid Life Change Therapy(RLCT).

Derville and her Co-Founder Kathleen Ciavarella took this model on the road and ran workshops in both Ireland and the USA. People attending reported huge changes in their lives. They discovered that the model is effective in one to one situations and in groups.

Rapid Life Change Therapy is a revolutionary new therapeutic model that targets and changes unwanted feelings and behaviours quickly and easily.

RLCT removes the blocks in your way and reframes your thinking, addressing even the most serious of issues.

What most impressed Derville about RLCT was the speed of change for the client. It did not take months and months but rather weeks.

Some of the programmes that Derville has developed so far are listed below. She is continuing to add to this list as she discovers new areas where Rapid Life Change Therapy helps to promote change.

Conquering Addiction - Journey through Cancer - Emotional Eating - Pain Management - Finding your True North - Loving Your Body - Stress Management - Anger Management