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Dermot Coonan - Programme Manager

Dermot completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in 2000.

‘My aim is to tailor my work to the experience, personality and goals of each person I see.'

‘I have found with individuals, couples and groups that building trust, identifying realistic goals and expectations and supporting compassionate self acceptance lead to positive outcomes.’

Dermot has worked in community based youth counselling, third level colleges and universities, and international companies with individuals, couples, parents, groups and clients online.

'I believe most of what works in counselling is useful in a range of other training settings.' 

In addition to counselling, Dermot has supervised other psychologists, designed and delivered workshops, undergraduate lectures, corporate training and well-being programmes in Ireland and in China and a wellbeing app for ipad and iPhone.

Dermot has received further training involving the following therapies:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment therapy), Mindfulness,

Schema therapy, Process oriented psychotherapy,

Solution focused therapy and EMDR (a trauma based therapy).