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Suicidal Ideation and Self Harm

Here at The Counselling Centre Maynooth, we offer emergency sessions for people in crisis. We have many years experience working with people all ages who are experiencing suicidal ideation and/or self harm. We can offer immediate support for people who are overwhelmed and are having difficulty coping and staying safe. We have been involved in first response following tragedies, working to stabilize those closest to the bereaved. We have extensive experience helping  people through thoughts of suicide. As part of our crisis support response, we work to help families support a family member that may be experiencing crisis.  We follow a particular programme when working with a person who self harms as a way of coping.

We are proactive in addressing self-harm and run regular workshops for schools and groups, developing self-care.  We run workshops for family members living with someone who has suicidal ideation and or self harm. There are many things you can do to support someone through crisis.

We also run workshops for therapists working with suicidal ideation and or self harm.