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That Hopeless Feeling

Posted on 7 October, 2015 at 17:00

That hopeless feeling.


I call it the hopeless place.

Have you ever experienced feeling absolutely hopeless. Where everything just feels so awful. It's a very scary place to be. For in this place you are disconnected from all of the good feelings. You are disconnected from people. Disconnected from hope. It's hard to see a way out or through this place. Sometimes it's money worries that lead you into this darkness. Or relationship problems, with your partner, your parent, your friends, or it may be work related? Or health, or none of the above, but you are in the hopeless place!

It's dark, it's scary, and this feeling this hopeless feeling physically hurts. It creates a pain in your stomach, it creates a heaviness in your chest. It's hard to see a way out of here. It's feels impossible. It is such a lonely place. So overwhelming. Eating away, causing erosion. Blocking positive feeling, casting a shadow over positivity.

When you are in the hopeless place, no one will join you. People are afraid of this place. That's why it feels so lonely.

They are right to do everything in their power to stay out of this place. They don't belong there. But neither do you.

This is not a place for you to stay.

If you think of the many many emotions that we can experience. If you can imagine a scale rating the emotions. Positive emotions at the top. Joy being number one. Hopelessness at the very bottom. Joy seems so far away from that hopeless place. A long way to go. But what just above hopelessness? A slight improvement? It may still be a negative feeling? But not as dark. In order to move in the right direction it's important to remember the following:-


1. You don't belong in the hopeless place


2. No matter what you did or others did to you, this is not your place of residence.


3. If you move towards help, towards wanting to be in a better place. Wanting more than this. Then people will help. There is always support for wanting to feel better. That is going in the right direction.


4. If you need professional help. Make that call sooner rather than later. You deserve to feel better. Here at the Counselling Centre Maynooth, we believe that the hopeless place is only a temporary stop not a destination. It's time to move from that place.


5. Physical welfare. Focus on your physical needs. Have healthy meals. Eat regular meals.Take some form of exercise. A 20 minute walk releases serotonin. A chemical produced in the body believed to help with mood balance. Get lots of rest. Sleep hygiene has a huge impact on your emotional wellbeing.


6. Seek out good company. Someone who lifts your mood.


7. External environment. Burn Aromatherapy candles or sticks. Lavender is very good for calming and relaxing the mood.


8. Music. Listen to music that moves you and your mood.


9.Paint or dance or read a book. What activities do you enjoy?


10 listen to inspiring speakers or personal development gurus on you tube or read a self help book.

Maureen Gaffney' 'The Flourishing'


Don't delay take a positive step today.


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