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What You Think You Feel

Posted on 5 November, 2015 at 10:05

Negative Thinking

What you think you feel.

Are your thoughts mostly negative?

If they are, you are caught in the cycle of negative thinking.

In order to start to tackle your negative thinking patterns, the first step involves identifying your style of negative thoughts.

There are four common types of negative thinking:


The All or Nothing thoughts.

Everything has to be exactly right, I must get all of this done or I have failed.


Focusing on all that is bad or negative about you.

Dismissing or discounting any positives not allowing any achievements or partial success to be rated or valued. Your filter is blocking all positive thoughts.


Personal attacks.

It's all my fault. I cannot do anything right. I am a horrible person. I don't deserve to feel good or do well. I never do anything right. Everything bad always happens to me. If people really knew the real me they would hate me. I am so ugly, stupid, that I deserve for everyone to hate me.


Assuming the worst case scenario.

If something bad is going to happen it will happen to me. I always mess everything up.

Everything I do fails.

If you recognize yourself in any of this. You are operating out of your negative filter.

Negative thoughts produce negative painful feelings. You cannot have a feeling without a thought feeding it.

By working on ways to interrupt and challenge the negative thought patterns that occupy your mind. You start to create more positive feelings.

The steps towards thinking from a positive mindset is not as far away from you as you think.

Once you have taken the first step and become aware of your thought patterns, the next step is to ask yourself do I want to keep experiencing life from this negative stance and feel so bad. If the answer is no, you are ready to start the journey of changing negative thinking.

If you are ready to introduce any of the following thoughts?

' I want to be able to see myself in a more positive light. I want to notice the positive steps I am taking. I want to be surrounded by positive situations and positive people. I want to feel good about me'

You have already begun.

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