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The benefits of Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Posted on 5 May, 2016 at 9:20

Rosemary Reynolds of the Holistic Treatment Centre works with adults and children.

Rosemary shares an experience that led her to expand her training to include children. We are so thankfal that she did.

" I'm working as a holistic therapist at a health/wellness festival offering cranio-sacral therapy, holistic message and Reiki healing. A young woman approaches me with a little boy, who also happens to be her son and who is approximately three years of age and asks me to do cranio-sacral therapy on him.

I explain to her that I have not yet completed paediatrics training and so am not qualified to treat her son. "please" she begs me. I can see the woman is distressed and desperate for help.  Her young son is pulling out of her and very hyperactive. I make a decision!

The young boy hides between his mother's legs, burying his head in her skirt and won't come near me or the treatment table. I suggest to the mother that maybe she should lie down and the boy lie besde her. The boy seems happy with this suggestion and they both lie down on the treatment table, the boy agitated but happy to be near his mother.

After asking his permission, I take both his ankles in my hands and tune into his cranio-sacral rhythm and check for symmentry/asymmetry, rate and amplitude. I work on regulating the cranial rhythm to bring it back into balance. The boy sighs deeply and goes into a very deep stillpoint, with his eyes closed and his head flopped to one side, breathing deeply. I am taken by surprise by his quick response!

I move up his body and place on hand under his sacrum and the other hand gently across the pelvic area and wait. His sacrum feels like a little bird in the palm of my hand, fluttering and jumping around, unable to be still. After a while, the jerking movements slow down and all become quiet.

The boy's breathing is deep and regular and he is very relaxed.  He opens his eyes slowly and gazes at me.  then smiling, he reaches up and gently strokes my face.

It wa an incredible experience for all three of us and proved yet again how thankful we are to Dr. John Upledger for developing such a powerful therapeutic process.

Thank you Dr. John.

That was when I knew I must complete my training and be available to help children.  Later I see the boy sitting at a table by himself, quietly and at ease, eating his sandwich and drinking a glass of milk.'

Rosemary Reynolds

Holistic Therapist  086154 3917

Counselling Centre Maynooth