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Anger Management - How Counselling Helps

Posted on 13 September, 2015 at 15:10

Anger Management – How Counselling Helps?


Here at The Counselling Centre Maynooth, we are very aware of the negative impact anger can have on your life when it gets out of control.


Anger is a normal healthy human feeling. Like all feelings it’s how you respond to that feeling that can cause problems. When you express anger and it reaches a point where you rage at others, anger has taken over and you are not fully in control. This can lead to problems at work, in your personal relationships affecting the quality of your life and your physical health.

In order to change your responses to the feelings aroused in anger, you must first have an understanding of how you are being perceived in your anger. If you notice uncontrolled outbursts of anger or rage then it is time to seek counselling and learn the many practical tools and techniques developed to give you back control.

Anger Management teaches you how to effectively manage your anger.

People who experience a lot of anger often have physical symptoms including breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. This is due to adrenalin rushing through the bloodstream as a constant high level of adrenalin is released in the body. This increases your stress and anxiety levels. As you learn new coping skills you stop the pattern of angry outbursts.

Learn how to de-escalate your anger and change your reactions to stressful situations. Anger Management is one of the better steps you can take to greatly improve your life and your relationships.