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Tapping Away Cravings

Posted on 28 May, 2015 at 13:55

Tapping Away Cravings


A food craving is a desire for something to eat when you are not actually hungry.


Cravings are usually all in your mind. Cravings are mostly triggered by your emotions.


If you are following a healthy eating program and suddenly you find yourself craving something that is not a food item included in whatever you are following, it can be quite difficult not to give in to the cravings. Most times cravings involve something containing sugar and or salt.


There are many suggested tools and techniques to deal with cravings. My favourite most used tool is to tap tap tap it away.



Here are a few simple steps to take away a particular craving and it just takes a few minutes.


1. Identify what exactly you are craving. Focus in on the particular item that you want

2. On a scale of 10-1 10 being you would climb a mountain for some chocolate to 1, cannot be bothered with it.


3. Write down how you are feeling at this moment in time, maybe you are feeling stressed or tired or even bored.


4. Really explore your feelings and continue until you feel that your statement really describes how what’s going on for you,


5. Write out a list of very positive things about yourself, no negatives, all your best qualities or dreams you have for yourself, statement that make you feel fantastic about yourself.


6. Rate where you are on the 10 – 1 scale


7. Start tapping, it can be simply crossing your arms over and tapping the back of each arm in turn, it can be your left thigh followed by your right. The important part is to continually alternate between left and right. You are tuning in to the left and then the right side of the brain.


8. As you tap read out your list of feelings or issues that are feeding the craving, keep tapping until you notice you are right down on the scale.


9. If there is no change you have not got to the crux of what is bothering you so rewrite your statements until you pinpoint what is going on. When you notice your levels going down, by reading a tapping, you know that are working with your issues directly.


10. Once you get your levels right down, read out your positive statements tapping all through this until you have fully replaced that space just freed up inside of you with positive things.


This tapping method of reading out statements and finding and replacing negative feelings is amazing for interrupting cravings.


This simple tapping method can be used for most anything that’s why I love it so much.