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Reawakening your natural eating wisdom

Posted on 28 May, 2015 at 13:35

How many times in your lifetime have you dieted,, Maybe you are new to dieting or maybe you are like myself a seriel dieter. I have been on so many diets that I can no longer give an accurate total number. What has resulted from yo yo dieting is that I continued to gain weight, as dieting causes weight gain. The very reason why you go on a diet in the first place causes more weight ending up on your body. Every time you fail on a diet, after a time, you end up heavier than before the diet. With the failure rate of diets being over 95%, you have less than 5% change of staying on a diet. It’s time to face the facts. Diets are designed to fail. Dieting causes weight gain. Its time to take another approach. What I am referring to is something that has been with you since birth. This something is a thermostat built in to your body to guarantee survival of the species. I am talking about you natural born eating wisdom. This thermostat is set to send you signals when you are hungry, thirsty, or full.

This eating wisdom controls your appetite and tells you when your stomach has had enough food. Your natural eating wisdom will also if fully operational, draw you towards foods that your body actually needs. For example, if you crave meat over the course of a couple of meals, you are probably low on Iron.

A young child if left to their own devices, will automatically choose foods that their body is deficient in. A young child responds to their eating wisdom signals. Whatever their body needs at that time, they will look to get that need met. We as caregivers do not acknowledge or trust the child’s ability to make good food choices if left to their own devices. We make those decisions for the child. This closes down the child’s natural eating wisdom.


Teenagers in their quest for natural independence, start to listen to their eating wisdom, but the signals being sent are diluted with emotions and hormones making it a difficult time to re establish communication with your eating wisdom.


As adults, you can at any stage relearn you way of eating. As an adult you can also teach your child to listen to their eating thermostat so that they avoid years and years of yo yo dieting and possible health risks. The way forward is simple.


Change how and when you eat. Before you eat, get to know what the feeling of getting hungry is like. This feeling is sometimes felt at the bottom of your stomach. Eat only when you are hungry. Eat to your appetite, paying attention, without distractions. Sit down to eat. Slow down your eating. Pay attention to the feelings in your stomach. Watch for the getting full feeling. This feeling is often felt at the top of your stomach. Stop eating when you are satisfied.


Its sounds too simple to be the answer to overeating. Yet this is the answer. You can relearn how to eat. This way of eating is your natural way of eating. Use of Hypnosis CD’s to help you do automatically eat to your appetite. Re awaken your natural eating wisdom and stop dieting and gaining weight forever.