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Eating to your appetite

Posted on 28 May, 2015 at 11:50

The clean plate club - eat to your appetite. lose weight and stop overeating

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to eat whatever they want and stay slim? They never seem to worry about dieting. Why is that? Yes some people have a natural disposition towards being slim. Their whole family may be slim. Many others who are slim and eat normal portions are actually eating from their natural eating wisdom. Your natural eating wisdom is something you were born with. As a small child, if you were fed on demand, you looked for food when you were hungry and stopped eating when satisfied. If you were allowed to, you sometimes ate just vegetables because you were in tune with your body signals guiding your desires to seek out food groups that the body needed at that time. Maybe it was protein foods that your body directed you towards. Your eating wisdom is the best guide to keep your body in perfect health and balance.

People whose eating wisdom remains intact since childhood eats to their appetite and stops eating when they are full. I was very surprised when I first tuned in to my eating wisdom; I always assumed that I had a huge appetite as I always used to eat everything on my plate. I discovered that I in fact have a relatively small appetite. I associated praise and reward with eating everything on my plate so I aimed to please and carried this habit well into adulthood. I even went on to praise and reward my own children to eat everything on their plate. When they were little, I dictated what they ate. I became obsessed with making sure that they had fresh vegetables every day. I interrupted their natural eating wisdom.

I am now learning how to reawaken my eating wisdom. I used our eating wisdom hypnosis CD's to automatically awaken this amazing thermostat inside of me. You can also do this by focusing when you eat. Tune out all distractions at meal times. Plan what you will eat and then sit down to give your total attention to the activity of eating. If you are in company, when you are listening to someone else, pause and only eat with your full attention on you. Put down the knife and fork in between each bite, or if you are eating finger food, put down the sandwich or piece of food between each bite. Taste the flavour and texture of the food. Eat only foods that you actually like. Eat only when you are hungry. Hunger is felling felt at the bottom of your stomach. Do not wait till you are starving. As you eat stop and check to see if you are getting full. The getting full feeling is felt at the top of your stomach just over your ribcage. When you are full, stop. Move the plate away from you to avoid picking and snacking. Be proud of eating to your hunger and reawakening your natural eating wisdom.

The more you remember to practice eating paying attention the more you will eat to your appetite. Your body shape and size will readjust to its natural weight as you eat with your eating wisdom in control.